Treat Me With Flowers – Vogue China May 2016


Estelle Chen, Vita Kan, Kouka Webb, Chen Liu are featured in ” Treat Me With Flowers” for Vogue China May 2016 .  The models were photographed by Cuneyt Akeroglu, fashion editor Solo Li, hair by Perrine Rougemont and make up by Wendy Rowe.

estelle-chen-vita-kan-kouka-webb-chen-liu-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-china-may-2016-2 estelle-chen-vita-kan-kouka-webb-chen-liu-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-china-may-2016-3 estelle-chen-vita-kan-kouka-webb-chen-liu-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-china-may-2016-4 estelle-chen-vita-kan-kouka-webb-chen-liu-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-china-may-2016-5 estelle-chen-vita-kan-kouka-webb-chen-liu-by-cuneyt-akeroglu-for-vogue-china-may-2016-6Image Vogue China

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About the author: Tiffany Lorde is the author and creator of Beauty Is Diverse ” Celebrating The Diversity Beauty.

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