Here are several more shots of the VMAN Game On editorial featuring Anais Mali, Chris, Samantha, Julien, Rose Cordero, David Agbodji, Liu Wen and Joshua. Image credit VMAN

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VMAN will be on newsstands February 10 , 2011 here is a preview of "GAME ON" photographed by Terry Tsiolis and features models Melodie Monrose , Agnette , Melissa,  Hanne, Xiao , Merethe, Nico Kroll, Isaac Weber, Michael Wozniak, Simon Nessman, Alejandro R, and Bradley Stainton. "It’s hard to image which came first: clothes or competition. But they’ve certainly evolved [...]

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Beauty Is Diverse was created in December 2009 to showcase the diversity of women from various ethnic backgrounds working as models in the fashion industry. Beauty Is Diverse takes an in-depth look at models from South America…

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