Tina Johnson

Tina Johnson gets colourful in "Block Party - Fashion's  colour blocking trend works for beauty too, here's how to do the bright thing." For Glamour Magazine photographed by  Filippo del Vita,make-up by Martin Schmid, hair by Alberto Guzman, manicure by Angie Sheckler,and set design by Laura Garcia Serventi. Image credit Warrent Satt

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Tina Johnson of Darley Management is featured in " Or Is It True" photographed by Hilarious Jason , Tina is wearing  Topshop, Zara, Ralh Lauren and more. Image credit Design Scene

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Beauty Is Diverse was created in December 2009 to showcase the diversity of women from various ethnic backgrounds working as models in the fashion industry. Beauty Is Diverse takes an in-depth look at models from South America…

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