Mario Epanya

Photographer and make up artist Mario Epanya teaches a tutorial on how to get a great look with Iman Cosmetics products.

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Julia Gravano covers Winkler Magazine issue 6 photographed by Mario Epanya in Leblon Praia , Rio de Janeiro . Image credit Winkler Magazine

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Alice Ikuzwe covers Diouda 2012 catalog photographed by Mario Epanya. Image credit Mario Epanya

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PRELUDE THE NEW CODES OF BEAUTY By Absatou NDIAYE For GHUBAR MAGAZINE“THE BEAUTY ISSUE” Dita Von Teese’s curves and sex appeal, Beth Ditto’s sassiness, Jonte Moaning’s flamboyance and B Scott’s androgyny. These are the images that are shaping our attitude toward physical beauty today. Then you can add to the list The Sartorialist, Lady Gaga and The Facehunter. Model: Ines [...]

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The Africa Issue by G (Ghubar Magazine) features the lovely Christelle on 3 different covers . Photographed by Mario Epanya, Jewels by Mickael Kra , Realisation by Sarah Diouf and Post Production by Clara Wozufia. Because AFRICA can be Couture, Roots, & Glamorous... at the same time G Magazine offers you 3 covers - taking the Gold, the Greatest, and [...]

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Beauty Is Diverse was created in December 2009 to showcase the diversity of women from various ethnic backgrounds working as models in the fashion industry. Beauty Is Diverse takes an in-depth look at models from South America…

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