Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2013

Collection : Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2013 – Milan Fashion Week .

Inspiration: The poetry of vast spaces, wide horizons over the infinite sea and windswept dunes,lost in immense solitude.  A snapshot of a woman with the indomitably free spirit of a gaucho. The modernity and style of her clothing display the duality of her personality: rigorous yet soft.

A hyper-constructed trench coat with a story to tell, a unique reinterpretation of the traditional riding coat. Modern tailoring that deconstructs conventional forms to awakenan entirely new perception. Jackets flared like a redingote and tops caressing the body are worn with trousers gathered round the ankles by thin criss-cross lacing, or a draping skirt held by a trench belt.

The combination of this sartorial rigour and highly refined femininity expresses freedom, by virtue of contrast: ultra-lightweight, three-dimensional lace dresses,embroidered leather pieces, summer boots with seductive weaving effects.

Saddle finishing evokes warm, sensuous luxury, while modern craftsmanship renders every object rare and precious. The sumptuous inner constructions rival the sartorial

precision of the exteriors, the outerwear and skirts are made of cloth lined with soft leather. The elegance of their surfaces is enhanced by subtle curves and details drawn from the equestrian heritage. From the eyelets on the hand-stitched belt to the sandal designed around the metal part of a bridle.

The knitwear indulges in the use of sophisticated texture inlays. Dresses with layerings of hand made lace and mesh, nappa and tricot oversize T-shirts, double-sided garments in which chiffon meets leather in a spectacle of hand braided detailing. An intimate, private world reflected in a palette of neutral shades, from Linen to Champagne, Clay to Luna, Ash to Dorato – interspersed with the unexpected dash of khaki. Graphic touches of black ensure continuity between them.

Legs are sensually highlighted by the extraordinary cross between boots and sandals,cuissardes cut and profiled by extremely fine threaded braid. New sandals with nappa laces and bands fastened by buckles, or the high, open-toe crocodile sandal, raw and precious, made from a single cut of skin.

Over the arm, the authentic luxury of soft hobos threaded with exquisitely fine braiding and graced by details evoking the saddlery trade. Unique items like the ultra-soft bags with handcrafted raised embroidery, and the rustic calf travel bag

The jewellery comes in a surprising mix of materials: warm touches of leather combined with hard metal. Chains in thick texture are layered around the neck and wrists. The bracelets and necklaces elegantly reproduce equestrian details and horse hooks.
The force of modernity is constructed upon a legacy of great tradition. Reinterpreting the concept of exclusive craftsmanship, in the world of Salvatore Ferragamo.

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