Junior Carnival 2012 Photos

The Junior Caribana Carnival took place over the weekend on July 21st at Downsview Park . This years winners are :

Band  1. Toronto Revellers , 2. Carnival Nations , 3. Tribal Knights

Female Individual 1. Desiree Pennant (Fantazia Intl ) , 2. Caneisa Edwards (Tribal Knights ) , 3. Reeyana Singh (Lil Nationz)

Male Individual 1. Aaron Degraff (Fantazia Intl ), 2. Deon James (Toronto Revellers ) , 3. Jaden Nelson (Lil Nationz)

King – Malik Adams of Tribal Knights

Queen – Celena Seusahai of Tribal Knights

Image credit Kimroy Delicia -North Star Photography via Scotia Bank Caribbean Carnival Toronto


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