Wedding Nouveau Spring/Summer 2012 Issue

Wedding Nouveau Spring / Summer 2012 issue features Eden Micael & Christopher Michael Rivera in “Parisian Souk – A summer romance from Paris to Marrakesh .” Photographed by Suthi Picotte.

“Parisian Souk was the theme.  For our Spring issue, I knew we had to go big or go home.  After viewing the Chanel Paris to Bombay collection, for which we did a dream palette, I knew it was just a matter of time before that would come life for our cover shoot.  Inspired by luscious Moroccan patterns, Middle easter textiles and Parisian tailoring, we had a ball putting it all together for the spring cover, and I couldn’t have asked for a more cohesive style team”

Image credit Wedding Nouveau 

  1. Wardrobe: “Candy” by Monique LhuillierMir & Mookhi
  2. Veil/ Hair Accesories: Jannie Baltzer
  3. Art Direction: Glenn Sturgis
  4. Assistant Stylists: Daniel Hirsch, Brittany Del Soldato, Jade Broadus
  5. Hair: Symmetry Beauty
  6. Make Up: Christine Craven
  7. Videography: Seaglass Cinema
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