Rihanna Celebrates Kadooment Day In Barbados

Rihanna arrived back in Barbados over the weekend and will be performing in her home land later this week.  Today she participated and played mas in the Kadooment (also known as Crop over ) parade in Barbados which is similar to the Caribbean Festival that just took place over the weekend in Toronto.

Crop Over (formerly called “Harvest Home”), is a traditional harvest festival which began in Barbados, having had its early beginnings on the sugar cane plantations during the colonial period. The crop over tradition began in 1688, and featured singing, dancing and accompaniment by bottles filled with water, shak-shakbanjotrianglefiddleguitar, and bones. Other traditions included climbing a greased pole, feasting and drinking competitions. Originally a celebration signaling the end of the yearly sugar cane harvest, it has since evolved into Barbados’ biggest national festival rivaling Carnival in Brazil and Trinidad. In the late 20th Century, the general schematic of Crop Over began to closely mirror the Trinidad Carnival. Beginning in June, Crop Over it runs until the first Monday in August when it culminates in the finale, The Grand Kadooment.”


Image credit Just Jared/Splash News



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