Danica Magpantay, Austria Alcantara & More for TheOnes2Watch #12 April 2011

Danica Magpantay, Austria Alcantara, Dez Braxton, Katia Inamo, Sana Belal & Kadeem Fisher, Eduardo Calero, Eric Ramos, Keith Hernandez & Manuel Ramos, Isabella Melo, ris Urena & Gabriel Pere,& Tayane Leao featured in Five Boroughs for TheOnes2Watch #12, April 2011.  Photographed by Yoo Sun, Art Director: Audie Umali , Styling by Priscilla Polley , Hair by Lydia O’Carroll and Makeup by Junko Kioka.

“We all want to belong. From the womb to the tomb we identify with one another.. or try to. For this issue we assembled some of fashion’s coolest cliques… where do you fit in?”

Source: TheOnes2Watch

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