Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Lookbook

“Marie-Guilleme Benoit’s masterpiece, Portrait d’une negresse, has long been held as a symbol of emancipation and a fine balance between steely determination and femininity. The contrast between the model and her garments is echoed in the Balda Booty, where supple ivory nappa meets ebony patent leather. The stark contrast created through the fusion of fabrics and colour is softened by the delicate ballerina style ‘pointe’ toe and fine ankle strap detailing.”

For Christian Louboutin Fall 2011 Look book he teamed up with photographer Peter Lippmann and recreated a series of classical paintings such as “Magdalene and the Flame” .  View the entire recreated paintings below.

“The Spanish artist Francisco De Zurbaran habitually placed his vivid subjects close to the surface of his pictures, this composition allowing for a dramatic juxtaposition against the dark background. Here the 8 Mignons sandal pops from the foreground with its vibrant, regal purple. The vertiginous sandal features delicate, lightly knotted straps with gold piping and multi colour specchio fabric detailing on the instep to add further glamour to the piece.”

“The Artemis shoulder bag finds its natural setting amongst an interpretation of a classic Jean-Marc Nattier portrait. The French artist celebrated his youthful muses through allegorical portraits, placing them within a mythological context as goddesses. The Artemis, named after the Greek Huntress deity, matches the depth and texture achieved by the artist in his paintings through the sumptuous combination of luxurious materials and feathers. This shoulder-sculpture creation acts as an oversized shoulder strap for the leopard and roccia piping bag.”

“The Puck boot appears in a recreation of the Georges de la Tour iconic piece and metaphor of the plight of the sacred female, Magdalene and the Flame. Here, his oft-used technique of illuminating subjects through the depiction of a light source is used to emphasis the textural drama found in the style’s profile, created through masterful manipulation of its fabrication.”

“In a celebration of the Renaissance artist Francois Clouet’s unparalleled ability to depict Baroque naturalism, Madame au Pigalilli et Catalina is a feast for the eye. The stand-out glamour of the golden spiked platform court, encrusted with ruby strass crystals and the intense metallic palette of the sequined clutch, ensure they remain the focus of the image despite the majestic subject.”

“The Tootsie is held aloft by Impressionist artist James McNeil’s Whistlers’ mother in an allegory of his most famous painting of the same name. The elegant curve of the boot echoes the curve of her austere pose, in contrast to the angular lines in the composition. The Tootsie’s combination of exotic roccia leathers, laser etched pony panelling and geometric studded piping is balanced by a constrained monochrome palette, creating a piece worthy of the founder of the tonalism movement appreciation.”

Image credit Glamour UK

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About the author: Tiffany Lorde is the author and creator of Beauty Is Diverse ” Celebrating The Diversity Beauty.

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  • AminaO June 23, 2011, 3:50 pm

    Tyra did something similar on one season of ANTM.  I love when designers/photographers mimic real art.

  • Lanzo_358 July 7, 2011, 5:00 am

    Hey BID, could you verify if that is Jamaican model Trissan Holder (Saint Int’l)

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