Nyasha Matonhodze on Teen Vogue

Nyasha Matonhodze who hails from Northampton , England is featured in the Models to Watch section on Teen Vogue . Nysha is wearing a Magda Berliner dress and Incredible by Victoria’s Secret bra, $50.

age: 16

hometown: Northampton, England

big break: “I won the U.K. Elite Model Look 2009 contest. They had to call my name twice, because I didn’t believe it! It was so surreal.”

runway ritual: “There’s a lot of pressure when doing a show, so before I walk out there, I always pray and remind myself that I’ve been put in that moment for a reason. When I did Louis Vuitton last year, I was so excited that everything was a blur!”

self-esteem tip: “Whenever I didn’t get a job, I used to think, What’s wrong with me? But I’ve learned that it’s not because I’m not good enough; they’re just going for a different look. Remembering that modeling is a business helps me keep confident.”


Image credit Teen Vogue


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