Tyra Banks Introduces “Type F” March 15 2011

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Tyra Banks is launching a new website called Type F, which will launch on March 15 2011.

“It’s time for a fashion and beauty revolution! I’m so excited and proud to introduce you to Beauty is not one size, one shade, one style, one color – YOU are beauty and is the beginning of a movement that starts with and for YOU. It’s a destination that continues my mission to expand the definition of beauty. My goal is for typeF to be THE place where you will find your ultimate style confidence created for you, with you and by others like you.”

Image credit TypeF

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About the author: Tiffany Lorde is the author and creator of Beauty Is Diverse ” Celebrating The Diversity Beauty.

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  • Nunz10 May 12, 2011, 12:51 am

    This is great! :)

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